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Accounting and Consultancy Enterprise

Ruse office – 10 Captain Lieutenant Evstati Vinarov Street, 1st floor,
Office 27 - 00359 879 067 380
Office 30 - 00359 82 821 846
Office 31 - 00359 82 823 926
Office 32 - 00359 82 821 099
Office 34 - 00359 82 821 847/+fax/
Office 35 - 00359 82 821 848
Office 36 - 00359 82 825 270
Office 45 - 00359 82 876 192
E-mail: ruse@unico-bg.com  

Varna office28/30 General Tsimerman Street, 3rd floor,
Telephone: 00359 52 616 712 e-mail: varna@unico-bg.com      

Svishtov office 6 Tzar Osvoboditel Streetq DZI building, 2rd floor,
Telephone: + 359 889 889 338  e-mail: unicosv12@gmail.com

Burgas office – 57 Ferdinandova Street, 3rd floor
Telephone: +359 56 840 186  e-mail: vechislav.chankov@mail.bg



The company has been established as an enterprise in 1989 with main activity of its – accounting services, design and development of software products.
Its legal statute is “collective firm” with five partners.
In 1990 manufacture of sports items for professional swimming begins as well as of tyres for sports bikes /the so called racers/.
In 1992 the legal statute is changed to sole trader and then – to sole proprietorship limited, registered in the Ruse District Court, company file 1772/1997, registration after BULSTAT 827 068 163.
In 2020 the company is acting as:
1. Accounting-consulting enterprise;
2. Trade with industrial goods;
The economic philosophy of the company is directed towards long-lasting operation of all the different kinds of activities; and the activities enlargement is entirely in conformity to the capital and labour force available.
There are 20 professionals, with higher education diplomas, employed in the company /concerning the accounting activities/  and 2 – in the trade activities.
A characteristic of the company is the principle adopted for the existence – as of a small firm, with a staff of 10-20 people, where the orderly organization of management of the staff and capital achieves optimal economic results.
The company has current debts to suppliers, staff, the state budget, etc., which do not exceed the deficit and the supply for the previous month. The company does not have credit indebtedness towards banks, financial institutions, creditors-physical bodies or state funds.
It has no movable property that is heavy with mortgages, real rights and it has no disputes for any ownership. There are no suits brought against the company, no outstanding claims, court orders, claims or investigations that would disturb its activities.
The company supports many cultural and sports initiatives.

UNICO Ltd. - Ruse
UIC 117 068 163
Address: ul. 6 Septemvri N 30, Ruse 7000, BG



These General Terms and Conditions set up the pattern of consent and business interactions of the respective parties for the provision and use of accounting services. A comprehensive set of accounting services is referred to as standard accounting services on which contractual assignments and engagements are formally agreed upon by Client and Accountant. The binding Contract complies with these General Terms and Conditions, stipulates the rights, obligations and responsibilities of the parties and furthermore promote:
1. Equal legal protection
2. Clarity of contractual terms
3. Fairness and assurance of service
4. Data security and personal data protection


Standard accounting services include:
1. Preparation of accounting records on the basis of documents submitted for processing.
2. Performing the role of chief accountant pursuant to the Accounting Act.
3. Filling out and filing tax return declarations after processing of documents in legal obedience to:
- The Accounting Act and the applicable accounting standards (such as turnover sheets);
- The Value Added Tax Act (e.g. preparation of monthly statements, including VIES);
- The Labor Code (e.g. hire contracts, service records, payroll sheets, declarations);
- The Social Insurance Code and the Health Insurance Act (e.g. sickness lists, declarations);
- The Corporate Income Tax Act, incl. calculation of the delivery value of goods sold or supplies and stocks;
- The Local Taxes and Fees Act (preparation of declarations, when technical data provided);
- The Law on Statistics (annual financial statements);
- The Law on Statistics of Intra-Community Trade in Goods (Intrastat Declarations);
- The Currency Law (providing statistical information on the balance of payments of the Republic of Bulgaria);
- The Law on Protection of Personal Data;
- Preparation of payment orders to settle taxes, health and insurance payments due.


1. The Contract is concluded upon Client’s acknowledgement of these general terms and conditions and sign off on adopting, so that the concluded Contract contains in full and completes the understanding and the agreement accomplished by parties.
2. The Contract is effective from the date of its signature and is valid for a specified period.
3. The Contract is terminated:
a. by mutual agreement between the Parties;
b. upon expiry of the Contract period;
c. with three months' written notice by either party;
d. within three months from the beginning of the Contract but upon 30 days written notice the Accountant may opt out in cases where:
- Client fails to provide adequate clue as of intended further business activity and facts and circumstances with regard thereto;
- Client has overdue obligations in particular amounts (over BGN 12 thousand) to the NRA, NSSI, and PEA and assessed that it is unable to repay the agreed monthly price for accounting service;
- Client fails to provide agreed assistance after being advised to in writing;
- Client does not pay 2 (two) monthly fees for accounting service;
- Client systematically fails to pay tax and social insurance obligations;
- Contact with Client is missed for over 6 (six) months.
4. In the event that force majeure is enforceable, either Party may opt out.
5. On termination of the Contract and upon settlement of monetary obligations with regard to it, Client instructs and the Accountant immediately returns all primary documents, accounting records and written or electronic data furnished for performance of Contract. Duly signed minutes for the handover of items are drawn up accordingly.
6. In case of outstanding obligations on termination of Contract, the Accountant may hold primary documents, accounting records and written or electronic data furnished for performance of the Contract. Duly signed minutes for the retention and placement of items are drawn up accordingly.
7. Agreements to changes of Contract are signed off in written amendments to it.
8. All unsettled matters in the Contract are construed by the rules of the civil, trade, tax and accounting legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria.
9. Communications between parties to the Contract are in writing in Bulgarian language, delivered by courier, forwarded by registered postage or by official email. When sending messages, notifications and other information by email, the date of sending is the date of receipt.
10. Disputes, arising from the interpretation of the Contract if unsettled by agreement or where not implemented, are referred to court to resolve. Litigation is brought before the courts of Ruse, in accordance with the rules of material jurisdiction.


1. To process data in good faith, under the conditions of operational autonomy and within the terms specified by the applicable normative act, to deliver the economic reports and declarations on the activity of the Client to tax, statistical and other state and municipal bodies and to inform about obligations to national and local budgets.
2. To analyze the solvency of Client based on the documentary evidence (provided it is fully made available).
3. Documents, forwarded solely by the Client to the address (incl. electronic) of the Accountant as specified, are considered as orderly submitted for processing.
4. To ensure proper keeping of the accounting documents and registers (books) from point of compilation until their handover into the Client’s archives.
5. To inform the Client about:
a) Amendments to accounting and tax legislation;
b) The financial results of its business for the current year within time limits as follow:
- By 31 May - for the interim result by 31 March (first quarter);
- By 31 August - for the interim result by 30 June (second quarter);
- By 30 November - for the interim result by 30 September (third quarter);

c) By 20 March - for the financial result by 31 December (past business year).
6. To indicate in Contract the contact persons responsible for day-to-day communication with Client.
7. To consult the Client up to 10 (ten) days on open accounting, insurance or tax issues.
8. To notify the Client 3 (three) months prior of any significant changes in its organization and business activity that may adversely affect the Contract performance.


1. To provide the Accountant (inclusively by email) earlier than the fifth (5-th) day of the next month for processing, all accounting documents and data on the subject of the Contract, including (exemplary listed):
- accounting documents and information relating to business transactions and events;
- repayment plans for bank loans and leasing, agreements, court decisions, etc .;
- all documents on which financial relationships with the National Revenue Agency, the National Social Insurance Institute and municipal authorities occur;
- technical and commercial clarifications needed to fulfill on the agreed commitments;
- other documents necessary for the normal performance of accounting services.

2. To notify (if case be) the Accountant, in writing by the tenth (10-th) day of the next month, of the fact that no invoices have been issued and received during the previous month, in the following text:
"Herewith I, ……………………………………........ (name and surname), as a representative of  …………………………………........ (company name), I declare that for …………………………...... (month, year) no documents were received and issued.”

3. Use only the ordinary postal address or company email address for correspondence specified in the Contract to contact the Accountant.
4. To indicate in Contract the contact person(s) responsible for day-to-day communication with the Accountant.
5. To notify the Accountant at least three (3) months prior of:
- significant changes (legal, financial, commercial, technological, personnel, investment) in its organization and business activity that may adversely affect the Contract;
- intention to pay dividends to the stakeholders of the company;
- intentions for internal lending (by the stakeholders) to the company;
- intentions for granting loans (by the company) to stakeholders or employees;
- intentions to reimburse additional cash contributions to stakeholders;
- intentions to apply for a bank loan and leasing purchases;
- contractual risks (penalties, insurances, promissory notes, etc.) assumed.
6. To notify the Accountant within seven (7) days from entry to the Trade Register about changes concerning the following circumstances:
- the person(s) representing Client;
- seat and address of Client.
7. To provide the Accountant with the results of an annual inventory of the available assets (fixed, short-term and cash) and liabilities subject to inventory.
8. To acknowledge and consider the Accountant's remarks alerting on the accumulation of risks (threats) that might adversely affect the current or further business activities.


1. Delivery of declarations under the Contract shall be considered as an acceptance protocol for the work performed by the Accountant.


1. The Standard Accounting service subscription price is based on and monthly-bound to the current Minimum Wage in Bulgaria, which is factored in the Accountant’s invoice.
2. In case of amendments to the Minimum Wage in force, the subscription price of the accounting service is adjusted proportionately.
3. The due date of payment for the subscription accounting service is the tenth (10-th) day of next month of delivery, paid either:
- in cash at the Accountant's office address: ul. Dunav 10, fl. 2, office 34;
- or, by bank transfer to the account IBAN BG28 UBBS 8341 10 618 010 05, UBB-Ruse.
4. In case of subscription payments overdue, remittances are posted in the order of delays on the Accountant's invoices, despite Client's indication otherwise.
5. For the period of open audit proceedings a price increase of twenty (20) percent is allowable.
6. Past termination of Client’s business, servicing of inquiries to Accountant for purposes to inform the retirement process of staff is out of scope and negotiable (on an advanced charge basis).
7. Preparation of documents to certify insurance income of Client’s employees regarding past periods outside the term of the Contract is additionally charged as follow:        
- Certificate of retirement - BGN10 (ten) per calendar year
- Insurance booklet - BGN20 (twenty) per calendar year
8. Preparation of non-accounting documents for Client for purposes of bank and leasing loans applications or European, country and municipal projects is out of scope of Contract and negotiable at a minimum of BGN50 (fifty).
9. Delivery of accounting and trade documents and written explanations in VAT refund audit proceedings is additionally charged in the amount between BGN30 (thirty) to BGN100 (one hundred) in accord with the response produced and is invoiced in the next month of documents submission to the National Revenue Agency.
10. Prices of non-accounting (legal, economic) service-delivery out of scope of a Contract are negotiable and subject to agreement ad hoc.
11. The cost of the services of presentation of accounting and commercial documents and written explanations when performing a cross-checkup tax audit is from 30 to 50 BGN. It is determined on the volume of answers and is additionally charged to the price of the monthly accounting service after the end of month following the documentation official submission in front of the National Revenue Agency.
12. The Accountant reserves the right to claim a rise of the subscription price by notification to Client on the grounds of increased service volume, resulting from significant:
- increase in number of the hired/contracted staff of Client;
- increase of document turnover (invoice documentation, travel documents, etc.);
- document workload related to Client's European, country or municipal economic projects;
- increase in the number of banking accounts served and the impact of it.
13. Exclusively by exception, particular service prices agreed ad hoc orally between parties and payable in advance to the fifth (5-th) day of month, apply in circumstances where Client is in:
- financial distress;
- insolvency proceedings;
- liquidation.
14. Effective the date of introduction of the EUR as a legal tender in the Republic of Bulgaria the Accountant reevaluates its subscription prices and additional charges (where applicable) at the exchange rate as set by the BNB and updates Client.
15. Value-added Tax for the services provided is levied on the invoiced prices of Accountant.
16. Client’s payments to Accountant do not evidence complete or partial sign off of Accountant’s work performed under a Contract.


1. The Client abstains from furnishing for accounting treatment documents:
- in a foreign language without a proper translation into Bulgarian;
- documents with fraudulent or misleading content;
- documents not addressed to the Client;
- documents for personal spending of the owners, curtained as company expenditures;
- documents noncompliant with the Accounting Act principles.

2. Provision of legal, commercial and like services out of scope of the agreed standard accounting service, as well as commitments to and communication with:
- Labor Inspectorate Directorates;
- District Environmental Safety Inspectorates;
- Regional Directorates of HEI;
- District Consumer Committees;
- Other municipal and state offices;
- Third parties’ investigations, with regard to validation of tax events held by Client (aka cross-checkups).
3.  Commitments of Client to banks, lessors, factoring companies, consultants on (municipal, country or European) projects, public and private enforcement agents or other financial and lending entities do not create obligations of the Accountant.
4. The Accountant does not warrant and does not promise Client to achieve low financial and accounting results (low profits and losses), but only in good faith to competently perform its contractual obligations in strict compliance with the Accounting Act (incl. National Accounting standards) and tax laws.
5. The Accountant does not provide economic services related to abuse of tax regulations, property fraud, illegal transfer of sums to foreign banking accounts, money laundering, and diversion of funds from national and European funds and similar.
6. In virtue of the legal status of parties and notwithstanding assignments for servicing Client’s subject matter, the Accountant’s personnel (staff and contractors) remain in line of command of the Accountant and are not agents of Client.
7. The input to service falls on Client. Furnishing of accounting information by Client dismisses cases where:
- Client grants access to the Accountant to its electronic document systems;
- Primary document content information is communicated by phone;
- Client accounting information is transmitted from private instead from the specified electronic address.
8. The Accountant presents verbal consultative opinions and advice on issues exclusively to the Client's representative(s) and in compliance with confidentiality standards of trade.
9. The Accountant ensures that company secrets obtained in connection with the assigned work, possible investments or restructuring of the activity of Client, will not be disclosed to third interested parties.
10. In the runtime of the Contract and a said period after termination, all collected and compiled information about Client’s business for the purpose of Accountant’s staff professional practice is kept safe and confidential. Non disclosures to an unauthorized party covers (exemplary listed) financial data and information about Client’s distribution network, sales volume, marketing methods, placements and promotions, partners, customers, clients, etc.
11. Client’s oral deferral instruction or actual delay in time to furnish input to the accounting service is not binding on the Accountant and does not warrant professional and quality performance.
12. It is explicitly stipulated that the remuneration for accounting services is not related to the financial indicators (positive or negative) of Client, but to the document volume furnished for processing.
13. The Contract for standard accounting service covers the ongoing employment and insurance fiscal obligations of Client’s registered operating owners and managers and excludes consultations and declarations for the activity of natural persons - managers and stakeholders of Client, except for good will at the discretion of the Accountant.


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