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“UniCo” OOD - Accounting and Consultancy Enterprise

RUSE office – 10 Dunav Street, 1st floor, offices 30, 31, 32, 34, 35, 39, 45 and 71
Phone/Fax: 082/821-847, e-mail: ruse@unico-bg.com
Phone: 082/821-847, 821-846, 821-848, 821-099, 823-926, 876-192, 825-270, 0879/067-380,       0886/598-916

VARNA office – 28/30 General Tsimerman Street, 3rd floor,
Phone: 052/616-712, e-mail: varna@unico-bg.com

SVISHTOV office – DSK building, 2rd floor
Phone: 0631/64-131, e-mail: unico_2000@mail.bg

BURGAS office – 57 Ferdinandova Street
Phone: 056/840-186, 056/993-796, e-mail: donsan1996 @abv.bg



The company has been established as an enterprise in 1989 with main activity of its – accounting services, design and development of software products.

Its legal statute is “collective firm” with five partners.

In 1990 manufacture of sports items for professional swimming begins as well as of tyres for sports bikes /the so called racers/.

In 1992 the legal statute is changed to sole trader and then – to sole proprietorship limited, registered in the Ruse District Court, company file 1772/1997, registration after BULSTAT 827 068 163.

At the end of 2009 was converted into LTD following the adoption of four partners- current employees.

In 2012 the company is acting as:

  1. Accounting-consulting enterprise.
  2. Manufacture of sports items for professional swimming.
  3. Trade with industrial goods.

The economic philosophy of the company is directed towards long-lasting operation of all the different kinds of activities; and the activities enlargement is entirely in conformity to the capital and labour force available.

There are 20 professionals, with higher education diplomas, employed in the company /concerning the accounting activities/, 2 professionals in the manufacturing process and 2 – in the trade activities.

A characteristic of the company is the principle adopted for the existence – as of a small firm, with a staff of 10-20 people, where the orderly organization of management of the staff and capital achieves optimal economic results.

The company has current debts to suppliers, staff, the state budget, etc., which do not exceed the deficit and the supply for the previous month. The company does not have credit indebtedness towards banks, financial institutions, creditors-physical bodies or state funds.

It has no movable property that is heavy with mortgages, real rights and it has no disputes for any ownership. There are no suits brought against the company, no outstanding claims, court orders, claims or investigations that would disturb its activities.



for accounting service

that includes primary and secondary accounting documents procession, ccounting registries /books/ maintenance and playing the role of a chief accountant in compliance with the Law of Accounting for the period of from January 1st 2013 until December 31st 2014


  1. Weekly procession of the documents presented by the CONTRACTING AUTHORITY.
  2. Drawing up monthly accounting balance of the CONTRACTING AUTHORITY to the 20th of the month that follows the reported one, or up to 10 days after presenting the last document.
  3. Analysis of the economical status of the CONTRACTING AUTHORITY, information on his liabilities to the National Revenue Agency as well as to the local municipal authorities, to the servicing bank, the suppliers, the workers and to other creditors.
  4. Keeping of the accounting documents, registries and books since their drawing up until their giving for keeping in the archive of the CONTRACTING AUTHORITY.
  5. Informing the CONTRACTING AUTHORITY about the following:
    - changes concerning the accounting and tax legislation
    - the financial result of his activities for the current year within the following terms:
       Up to May 31st - for preliminary result as of March 31st
       Up to August 31st - for preliminary result as of June 30th
       Up to November 30th - for preliminary result as of September 30th
       Up to March 20th - for preliminary result as of December 31st.
  6. The accomplishment of the specific requirements expressly specified in the contract.
  7. Drawing up the annual financial report of the CONTRACTING AUTHORITY till the 25th of March that follows the year under review, or up to 30 days after the representing of the last document, which concerns the book-keeping.
  8. Presentation of declarations and check ups on financial and property status before tax, statistical and other state and municipal authorities.
  9. Adequate cooperation with the auditor assigned by the CONTRACTING AUTHORITY


  1. Performing the role of senior accountant in compliance with the Law of Accounting.
  2. Guarantee that company secrets of the CONTRACTING AUTHORITY, which have been got regarding the assigned work, the eventual investment or restructure of company’s activity, won’t become generally known by third parties or other interested in individuals.
  3. Drawing up annual financial reports, presenting the property and financial status of the enterprise of the CONTRACTING AUTHORITY truly and fairly, taking into consideration the accounting standards adopted and recognized by the Council of Ministries of the Republic of Bulgaria, observing Chapter Five/Annual financial reports/ of the Law of Accounting, valid for 2013-2014.


  1. Provision of access for a representative of the accounting enterprise to all accounting documents and information on the subject of activities of the contracting authority.
  2. To explicitly point in written the individuals on his behalf, who to be responsible for the contacts with the accounting enterprise on the subject of the contract.
  3. Regular presentation of original documents for procession by the accounting enterprise.
  4. Payment for assigned additional tasks, which are out of the contract subject’s scope.
  5. Informing the EXECUTOR in advance about all legal, financial, trade, human resource’s and investment changes concerning his activities.
  6. Guarantee that documents of misleading content, documents for personal expenses, drawn up as company’s and documents that are difficult to be spelled out, won’t be presented to the accounting enterprise for procession.


  1. The preparation of dividing balances and protocols on the division of an enterprise and leaving of a partner.
  2. Drawing up clear from accounting point of view contracts on partnerships between companies, between companies and physical bodies.


  1. Appointing qualified officers.
  2. Attraction of interested investors.
  3. Selection of accounting cadres through specific tests.


  1. By the EXECUTOR: - with the expiration of the term of the contract
    - unilaterally with 90-day notification
    - unilaterally with no notification in case of non-payment of 3 monthly installments for accounting service, stipulated within a written or oral agreement
    - if the CONTRACTING AUTHORITY do not lend the contracted support, after being warned
    - unilaterally with 30-day notification


  1. The EXECUTOR does not guarantee and does not promise the CONTRACTING AUTHORITY achieving of low financial-accounting results/ low profit or losses/, but solely conscientious and competent performance of the obligations under the present contract as well as the ones that evolve from the Law of Accounting /including the National Accounting Standards/ and the tax legislation.
  2. The EXECUTOR does not perform economic services that regard breaking of tax normative act, estate concealment, illegal transfer of funds through bank accounts abroad, money laundry, diverting funds from republic and European funds and suchlike.
  3. The EXECUTOR is not responsible for the relationship with Regional Inspectorate for Protection and Control of Public Health (REPCPH), fire-precaution bodies, labour inspectorates /despite labour-legal issues/, labour medicine bureaus and suchlike, although he can realize agreed support.

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